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Sunday 12 May on BBC One & iPlayer

Voting has now closed and we’ve crowned the P&O Cruises Memorable Moment. Find out what took home the BAFTA below.

The P&O Cruises Memorable Moment Award, as voted by you:

Happy Valley

Catherine Cawood and Tommy Lee Royce’s final kitchen showdown


TOMMY: I were looking at them pictures of Becky… and Ryan. His whole life, from when he were a baby. All them years I never even knew him. And do you not what I realised? I realised… I realised what a nice life he’s had. What a nice life you’ve given him. I hated you. I hated you for not telling me I had a boy. But last night, I had a glimpse at what a nice life he’s had. And I don’t hate you anymore. I forgive you. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t treat Becky any better.

CATHERINE: And you forgive me? You delinquent fuck. You have no idea what you did to Becky. And you forgive me?

TOMMY: I loved her.

CATHERINE: You crippled her. You reduced her to nothing with your endless, endless abuse and your nasty little threats. This bright…. beautiful kid… reduced to nothing because of a non-entity like you.

After a huge manhunt, Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) realises her nemesis Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) has forced his way into her home, and is waiting in her kitchen for the mother of all confrontations: a fiery final showdown from which only one will leave alive.

Blue BAFTA mask award with an ornate staircase in the background

The P&O Cruises Memorable Moment Award, on board Iona

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The other nominees for the P&O Cruises Memorable Moment Award were:

  • Beckham

    David teases Victoria about her ‘working class’ upbringing


    DAVID: That first time that I speak to her… I just fancied her.

    VICTORIA: I just fancied him, it was as simple as that. Yeah, I mean also we both come from families that work really hard. Both of our parents work really hard. We’re very working class.

    DAVID: Be honest.

    VICTORIA: I am being honest.

    DAVID: Be honest.

    VICTORIA: I am being honest.

    DAVID: What car did your dad drive you to school in?

    VICTORIA: So, my dad—

    DAVID: No, one answer.

    VICTORIA: My dad—

    DAVID: What car was it?

    VICTORIA: Alright, it’s not a simple answer, because—

    DAVID: What car did you get your dad to drive you to school in?

    VICTORIA: It depends.

    DAVID: No, no, no, no, no.

    VICTORIA: Okay, in the 80s my dad had a Rolls Royce.

    DAVID: Thank you.

    During an interview for the documentary, David Beckham pushes Victoria to be honest as she describes her working class background.

  • Doctor Who

    Ncuti Gatwa being revealed as the 15th Doctor


    FOURTEENTH DOCTOR: Could you pull?

    DONNA: Could I what?


    MELANIE: What do you mean?

    FOURTEENTH DOCTOR: Pull. Just pull, each way. I don’t know, feels different this time. [GRUNTS] What?!

    DONNA: What?

    TOYMAKER: What?



    FIFTEENTH DOCTOR: No, I’m me. [LAUGHS] I think I’m really, really me. [LAUGHS] Oh, I am completely me! Don’t just stand there, push!



    FOURTEENTH DOCTOR: Does this work?

    FIFTEENTH DOCTOR: I don’t know.


    FIFTEENTH DOCTOR: So good! Now, someone tell me what the hell is going on here.

    KATE: Excuse me, sorry, but—

    SHIRLEY: How did that happen?

    FIFTEENTH DOCTOR: Bigeneration. [LAUGHS] I have bigenerated. There’s no such thing, bigeneration is supposed to be a myth but look at me. Myth, myth, myth! Mel, what do you think?

    MELANIE: I think you’re beautiful.

    FOURTEENTH DOCTOR: Still beautiful?

    MELANIE: Yeah.

    When David Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor is struck by the Toymaker’s Galvanic Beam, his body begins to glow ahead of his regeneration… before halting unexpectedly. In a surprise twist, his body is pulled in two, bi-generating to reveal Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth incarnation of the Time Lord.

  • The Last Of Us

    Bill and Frank's story



    BILL: I’m sorry

    FRANK: For what?

    BILL: Getting older faster than you

    FRANK: I like you older. Older means we’re still here.


    FRANK: What?

    BILL: I was never afraid before you showed up

    FRANK: Not on the strawberries!


    BILL: Right.

    Doomsday prepper Bill prepares to ride out the apocalypse alone... until a mysterious stranger upends his plans.

  • The Piano

    13-year old Lucy stuns commuters with jaw dropping piano performance


    DANIEL BATH: You ready?

    CLAUDIA WINKLEMAN: Hi Lucy. Hi Lucy, it’s Claudia.

    DANIEL: It’s Claudia!

    CLAUDIA: Hi darling, lovely to meet you. Thank you for coming.

    DANIEL (Confessional): Music is the way that she communicates. And that’s how she makes her place in the world.

    DANIEL: Now there’s a big step coming up to the piano. Ready, big step. Good girl. Well done. C’mon sit down in the middle. Find the peddle.

    CLAUDIA: We should say, that often at the end of a performance…

    CANDICE: Yes

    CLAUDIA: Lucy covers her ears

    CANDICE: She likes the applause, but she doesn’t like the sound of the applause

    CLAUDIA: Yeah

    CANDICE: So her fingers go in her ears for sensory reasons.

    CLAUDIA: I don’t have to tell people not to.

    CANDICE: She loves the applause

    CLAUDIA: Okay fine.

    CANDICE: 100 %

    DANIEL: Ready? In a minute you’re gonna play Nocturne in B Flat minor by Chopin. Should she start playing? See. Here we go

    [Lucy begins to play piano]

    LANG LANG: It’s unbelievable that she can play this piece. How - how, I mean, how - how does she study? I mean, how, I mean it’s incredible.

    This is the moment where 13 year old Lucy, brought commuters at Leeds Central Station to a standstill with her rendition of Chopin's Nocturne Opus 9. Watching on in secret, classical pianist Lang Lang and pop superstar Mika are left speechless by her performance

  • Succession

    Logan Roy's death


    SIOBHAN: Oh sorry, just… Mom?

    KENDALL: Dad. He’s in trouble

    SIOBHAN: What? What’s happened?

    KENDALL: He’s on the plane. And he got… I don’t it’s bad. And uh they’re doing chest compressions.

    SIOBHAN: What? What, what Ken?

    KENDALL: Come this way. I don’t know everything. He’s with Tom and Frank and Karl and they’re on the line to doctors. And uh….

    SIOBHAN: Okay

    KENDALL: I don’t know, he was in the bathroom and he had trouble breathing. I – I don’t know and – and they start doing chest compressions. He was still breathing a minute ago, but it’s, it’s very bad.

    ROMAN: So, Shiv is coming

    SIOBHAN: Okay uh..

    ROMAN: They – they – they think he’s gone, they think he’s gone.

    SIOBHAN: What happened? What do you mean?

    ROMAN: They – they think Dad died.

    SIOBHAN: What?

    ROMAN: Yeah…

    SIOBHAN: No!

    ROMAN: I’m sorry

    SIOBHAN: No I can’t have that

    KENDALL (on the phone): Hey – hey, Tom, can she do it? Can Shiv uh speak to him?

    ROMAN: He’s been putting us by Dad’s ear, to speak.

    KENDALL: Can you put it to his ear? Okay, I’m – I’m, I’m giving you to Shiv.

    SIOBHAN: What?

    TOM: Hey Shiv I’m putting you by his ear.

    SIOBHAN: Okay. Uh is he hearing? Is he still hearing?

    TOM: Uh, I don’t know but I’m putting you there. Okay. You’re by his ear, you can go now, you can talk to him now.

    SIOBHAN (on the phone): Oh – oh – okay. Hey. Hey Dad. Uh hello. Um, you’re gonna be okay. And I’m sorry, is – is he dead?

    Roman: I don’t know.

    SIOBHAN: I don’t know if he’s dead. Is he fucking dead?

    ROMAN: I don’t know

    SIOBHAN: Tom? Tom?

    TOM: Hey – hey.

    SIOBHAN: Is he even alive?

    TOM: I don’t know honey

    SIOBHAN: Are you just being nice to me? Is he gone?

    TOM: I don’t know. He - we don’t know. We don’t know.

    While celebrating Connor's wedding, the Roy siblings receive devastating news

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